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Road Trip Itinerary: Walk Among Giants in Clark County

Road Trip Itinerary: Walk Among Giants in Clark County

Posted on 03/15/2021 by Ally Ecker

Explore Casey – Home Of Big Things In A Small Town


Located just off of Interstate 70 in Clark County sits Casey, a small community that Is home to MANY unique experiences. This town of 2,700 folks features some great places to eat, shop and sleep – and there is something on pretty much every street corner to see. No joke. Everywhere you look throughout town you’ll find some type of HUGE object that is a Guinness Book of World Record holder. There are also several other big attractions scattered throughout town as well, that are large – but not quite the largest in the world.  Local business owner Jim Bolin is the creative mind behind these wonderful attractions. Born and raised in Casey, he felt it was necessary to give back to the community that allowed him to grow a life, home, and business. This unique experience is one you do not want to miss out on. Follow this itinerary and take a trip to Casey, where nice things come in BIG PACKAGES.


Day 1

Upon pulling into town you’ll likely be so amazed with the sights, the first thing you will want to do is explore. We recommend finding a free parking spot downtown and starting with the World’s Largest Wind Chime. Standing at a whopping 56 feet tall, there is no way you miss this beauty. Once you’re finished taking pictures and giving the Wind Chime a ring for yourself, grab some grub at the Whitling Whimsey Café – literally steps away from the Wind Chime.

Once you exit Whitling Whimsey, a quick walk across the street will lead you to the World’s Largest Rocking Chair. Weighing in at 46,200 pounds, this attraction will rock your world. On the street corner across from the Rocking Chair is the World’s Largest Teeter Totter! This Teeter Totter is a ridiculous 82 feet long. People can even ride this gentle giant every Saturday, so get on up there and teeter! After you’re finished with the Teeter Totter, walk a couple blocks down to the Public Library where you will find a big, friendly face with glasses - and that would be Casey’s Bookworm! 


From there, turn around and make your way back to the downtown area – where there are still a TON of gigantic objects to behold. Just past Whitling Whimsey one of the first objects you will find is the 32 foot long Yard Stick. Each inch is sized to be a foot long. Confusing, but cool right? You will also find something yellow, green, and corny! Carved with a chainsaw, this will probably be the first Ear of Corn to ‘WOW’ you. 


Head on over to The Yarn Studio and see the Former World’s Largest Knitting Needles and Crochet Hook. While in awe of these big pieces, you can shop all things knitting and even take a class while you are there. After knitting up a storm, you will eventually find the Big Cactus! It may seem a little out of place in the Midwest, but Jim Bolin had great inspiration for it! You can walk into Main Street Mercantile while near the cactus and shop from decorations to luggage. Inside the Mercantile you will find the Big Rocking Horse made of carved wood and is as big as a fully grown horse!


After leaving the Mercantile head to the nearest street corner and take a left. That will lead you to a common area with TWO big things. The first is the Big Mousetrap – don’t worry there is no mouse, but you can play the part! It is the perfect photo op.  Sitting right next to the Mousetrap is the World’s Largest Golf Club. It’s modeled after a driver – and this one stacks up to 45 feet long. 


Just down the street you will run into a Big Wooden Top that actually spins! Give it a whirl and when you are done you can head right into Deborah’s Attic, an antique shop full of treasures. The next attraction will stir things up a bit (pun intended) - it is the World’s Largest Twizzle Spoon! By now it’s probably time for a treat, so head on over to Wildflour Bakery & Candy Company next to the World’s Largest Mailbox. While you’re picking out something sweet, be sure to look for the World’s Largest Wooden Shoes – located in Wildflour. These shoes are so large that they can fit 15 people inside at once. Imagine walking a mile in these shoes!


As previously mentioned, Casey is indeed home to the World’s Largest Mailbox as well. This attraction is 5,743.41 Cubic Feet and is fully functional! You can climb on up and get a great photo and even send a letter to your loved ones. Next is the Big Birdcage! This is a great interactive experience because there is an actual swing inside. So, go ahead and perch yourself up in Casey. Not far from the Birdcage you’ll see a small-town icon that isn’t so small here - World’s Largest Barbershop Pole! This fully functional Barbershop Pole stands 14 feet tall. Also, if you know anyone that would benefit from a nice trim and clean up, stop by Tina’s Barber Shop right out front!


We can finally get to the point… or the eraser…or both. Get ready to write down your thoughts and dreams with the Big Pencil! Imagine walking with that in your backpack! The next attraction along the route is a deterrent for anyone who often loses their keys! The World’s Largest Truck Key can be found at a vintage Casey auto-shop. Looming over the town at 28 feet tall, this key is an exact replica of Jim Bolin’s work truck! And the last attraction in downtown is the Big Puzzle! These super sized bent nails send you love on your journey from the heart in the center.


With all of this walking around and exploring, it’s time to recharge with some of the tastiest pizza you’ll ever have – so hop back in the car and take a quick drive to Greathouse of Pizza. This small-town pizzeria is consistently rated as one of the best Chicago-Style pizza joints in the whole state – which is high praise! When you are there, you won’t miss their Big Pizza Slicer sitting right out front! Snap a picture with it while you’re waiting on your meal and be sure to post it social media!


As the day winds down, everyone needs a little dessert before bedtime…right? Head on over to The Big Dipper where you can enjoy flavors from Caramel Chaos, Cookie Dough, Cotton Candy, and Strawberry Cheesecake. Best part is, it's located right next to the World's Largest Mailbox - so you take catch another glimpse of that too.


By now it’s likely time to pack it in for the day, and one of the best places in town to rest your head is the Eigtheen-Ninety Sleepover. You will feel like you have stepped into the 1890’s with the charm and vibe this hotel provides (hence the name).  The Eighteen-Ninety Sleepover has many different rooms that offer a variety of amenities that you can choose from. Now get some rest and get ready to walk among giants again tomorrow!


Day 2

Start the day off right with some phenomenal coffee drinks, smoothies, tea, donuts and other pastries at Casey Coffee Company, which is literally walking distance from your hotel.Today’s journey takes us away from the downtown area, buckle up and head to the Casey Municipal Airport where you will find a Big Toy Glider! Seeing it will make you think back to simpler times where toy planes were just two pieces of wood and will inspire you to find one. 


Next you are going to head to JJET Rentals, home to the Big Antlers! These Antlers are the only attraction not constructed locally, they were gifted to Casey after being featured in a commercial! From JJET, head towards Interstate 70 where you will find a HUGE wooden token. This Big Token was commissioned by the Casey State Bank. 


Tee off at our next stop, the Casey Country Club – home of the World’s Largest Golf Tee. The Golf Tee stands at a whopping 30-feet tall and weighs over 6,600 pounds! From there, take a quick drive to Fairview Park – where you will find the USA Softball of Illinois Hall of Fame Museum. While you are here you will learn about the rich history of local softball and have the chance to check out the next Big Thing! You can step up to the plate with the Big Softball Bat here, which makes for a great photo op. They really hit it out of the park with this one!


It’s likely time for a little snack, so head back downtown – and right across the street from Eigtheen-Ninety Sleepover sits Tetzel Prime. Enjoy some amazing pretzel creations that are to die for. They have so many unique choices like a steak and cheese pretzel sandwich. Once you have your fill, you can hop back across the street to the hotel and take a quick nap before jumping the car for an out of town Big Things excursion!


After your siesta, head east on the Historic National Road to check out the last few attractions! The next town over is Martinsville, home to Linn Park - home to two BIG THINGS. The first is the Big Anvil, which tips the scales at a massive 5,530 pounds! Since Martinsville is the hometown of Dale Baird, the winningest thoroughbred horse trainer - it only seems fitting to have a Big Horseshoe, right? This big attraction can be found at the fairgrounds just south of town, and once held the title for World’s Largest Horseshoe. 

Hit the National Road and head east again to experience the next to last big thing. The Clark County Courthouse in Marshall is where the World’s Largest Gavel can be found. Bolin created this attraction to bring tourism to Casey’s neighboring communities like Marshall - and he didn’t skimp on the size. The Gavel sits at nearly 17 feet in length, and stands 5 feet tall - you can find it on the steps leading into the courthouse.


By now, it’s probably getting closer to dinner time - and the perfect meal awaits at Richard’s Farm back in Casey. Richard’s Farm is also home to the last big thing on the list - the World’s Largest Pitchfork. Before you head inside to fill your belly, snap a few photos with this 60 foot long agricultural tool! Once you’re finished, head into Richard’s Farm Restaurant - a picturesque 1930’s barn with quaint dining areas. You will find yourself immersed in country romance! There are so many food options to choose from; including steak, pork, chicken, seafood and pasta. Finish the dinner off with a wide variety of homemade dessert - from bread pudding, to a chocolate cake sundae! 


Before retiring for the night, take a stroll downtown to experience Big Things in a Small Town at dusk. From there rest up at Eighteen-Ninety Sleepover for your trip home tomorrow! We hope you find this itinerary helpful, and if you make the trip to Casey please tag Downstate Illinois in any photos you post. We love to see how much fun folks are having in our region of the state! To explore more road trip itineraries – visit



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