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Navigating Downstate Illinois’s 21 Counties

Downstate Illinois stretches all the way across the state of Illinois. To make our territory easier to navigate, we have separated it into three regions. You can use our regional maps to find highways, attractions and more hassle-free.

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Discover Downstate Illinois covers more ground than any other Convention and Visitor’s Bureau in the State of Illinois. We represent 21 counties stretching from the Mississippi River east of St. Louis, MO to the Wabash River west of Vincennes, IN. We are both rural and urban, allowing guests to enjoy big city life and simple, country treasures – all at once! 

Western Region Map

Attractions in the western region include Gateway Motorsports Park, microbreweries, Fort du Chartres, and Maeystown.

Central Region Map

Attractions in the western region include Carlyle Lake, Route 66, zip lining at American Obstacle, and the Du Quoin State Fairgrounds.

Eastern Region Map

Attractions in the eastern region include gorgeous lakes, Big Things in a Small Town, and the home of Burl Ives.


Top Golf Courses in Downstate Illinois


Sailing Fun for Everyone at Carlyle Lake

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